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Websites/Grant/Award Information/Summer Programs - free program educates k-8 students and their families about climate change while inspiring them to take simple actions to reduce their carbon footprint at home, school and in their communities. National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games has produced materials for science teachers of grades 6-12 Curious George STEM Collection The University of California Santa Barbara’s ask-a-scientist program provides an avenue for k-12 students and teachers to have their questions answered by university scientists. Smith College and Springfield Technical Community College developed a multimedia website to engage middle level students- especially girls in engineering through narrative story. The making stuff activity guide contains 4 materials science activities for grades 4-6. Middle and high school teachers can access current news stories that can be modified for multiple reading levels from 4th grade to college..  Common Core ready! middle level science teacher will find videos and other multimedia resources to show students how animal life evolved on Earth.  For grades 5-9. Aligned with NGSS an interactive science education space of grades-6-12 from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History National Environmental Education Week.  K-12 teachers can register at no charge and access webinars, an infographic, Engineering and Our Planet; toolkits, case studies, etc. focus is to get students of all racial, ethnic and class backgrounds to understand science ideas, participate in the discourses of the discipline and solve authentic problems.   NGSS aligned. more that 180 art-based educational resources for the early childhood to high school levels. Middle level earth science games


GRANTS and AWARDS pre-school-3rd grade- grant to help foster a love of reading 100 educators with innovative project ideas to receive $2,000 toward their classroom projects.  Top 3 teachers win $25,000, $10,000, and $5,000. K-12  April 30 deadline! American Honda Foundation Grants- focus is STEM and the environment  May 1 deadline. Butler-Cooley Excellence in Teaching Award  for teachers who have demonstrated their capacity to change the outcome of students lives and communities where they teacher  May 1 deadline proof of 501(c)(3) status required  May 10 deadline outstanding earth science teacher program  k-12 teachers who encourage interest in Earth science at the precollege level  deadlines vary by region May 1-May15 for schools that engage students in inquiry-based STEM projects that employ innovation,, biomimicry, or new uses for technology to address environmental problems in their communities.  May 31st deadline. national weather association’s Sol Hirsch Educational Grants $750 for k-12 educators to help improve the education of their students in the science of meteorology  June 1st deadline


PROGRAMS for middle school teachers Summer Institute for Middle School Teachers- Nanotechnology 5 day workshop to help biology teachers incorporate engineering into their classrooms Sea Camp Summer Internships for teachers Texas A&M Galveston  marine biology and science Forces and Interactions :NGSS for physics and Physical Science Teachers  2 weeks Galileo Investigates the Solar System  aligned with NGSS and common Core Dolan DNA Learning Center  for everything you need to know about DNA- just to stay caught-up!

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