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JCHS Summer Reading Program

The JCHS Library will be OPEN for your

convenience this summer on June 20 and July 25!

All completed reading assignments are due the first day of school. Since the first several weeks of class in the Fall will involve discussions and assignments from the summer reading, any student who does not complete the summer reading and writing assignments will be unprepared and will definitely be behind. To access and print assignments and handouts, click on your grade. FOR EXAMPLE...If you will be in the 7th grade in the 2017-2018 school year, please click on the "All 7th graders" Link.


All 7th graders
All 8th graders
All 9th graders Additional Assignment for Pre-AP 9th
All 10th graders Additional Assignment for Pre-AP 10th
All 11th graders Additional Assignment for AP 11th
12th English
12th AP English Lit

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