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A message from Mr. Lowe...

Over the last twenty years working for the Junction City School District, I have had the opportunity the teach English; coach football, softball, and track; drive buses; serve as high school principal; and now serve as district superintendent. Workplace is probably not a good descriptor for Junction City Schools. The school and community have an infectious spirit that swells community pride. Those of us who have worked in the district for the “long haul” often say that there are only two reasons to stay here: you are from here or have community or family ties here; or for whatever reason you accepted a job here and then became caught up in the Dragon Spirit.

Junction City has problems just like every other district in the nation. Our leadership teams are working diligently to address our number one problem: student/ parent academic apathy. We are facing the greatest reforms to hit national educational policy since the 1950’s and 1960’s; for our district to thrive, we need more than “good teachers” and “good administrators”. We need stakeholders (parents, grandparents, church leaders, community leaders, business owners, and concerned citizens) to become active participants in the education and future of our students.

What we as school workers find most disheartening is the prevailing attitude that “everything is alright—it’ll work out”. Unless our student body as a whole and our community as a whole does not embrace the importance of gaining a solid education that can be assessed through standardized national testing instruments, we could be facing dark days in the district. The more pressure we receive from accountability measures that in turn open-up opportunities for school choice, the more we are forced to focus on our practices in the classrooms. The only way instruction can ever be truly efficient is if the district’s stakeholders become active in the process.

We all love to see our students excel on the athletic fields, and athletics are a great source of pride for our community. Just as athletics are a source of pride, so must be academics. As parents and guardians, we have an obligation to keep our children focused on the skills that will make them productive in the future. Being actively in contact with teachers is important; monitoring your child’s progress is a parent’s job; being involved in school programs and serving the school in any number of capacities helps students learn the importance of the academic success.

The old adage “it takes a village to raise a child” now takes on a new meaning in 21st Century education. The Junction City School District believes it is one the greatest honors and toughest challenges to be entrusted with your child’s academic future. We will work tirelessly to make sure we provide a focused, aligned curriculum; a safe, nurturing environment; and an atmosphere of high expectations for student engagement. As we work toward our goals for school improvement, we invite you as the stakeholders of the district to work along beside us for the good of every child attending our schools. We encourage you to contact our district offices, building offices, and teachers whenever you have concerns. We work for you, the patrons of the district.

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