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A message from Mr. Lowe...

The 2016-2017 school year promises to be exciting for Junction City Schools. With one new building completed and another nearing completion, the district is eager to end this phase of new building projects. The Special Programs Building is occupied and is proving to be a valuable asset for our students. With a large meeting space, staff can assemble for professional development, monthly board meetings have plenty of room for all, and the community has a comfortable venue for certain events. The room has other applications including large group testing and small assemblies.

The alternative learning environment (ALE) in the new building allows qualified students the opportunity to complete classes in a non-traditional setting. By design ALE helps identified students succeed academically when conditions warrant a differentiated environment. Staffed by certified teachers at all times, students have access to an array of technology and important one to one teacher interaction. The building also houses a school nurse suite that has a sickroom, exam area, office space, and restroom. Other student services housed in the building include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, special education offices, and the special programs director’s office.

Upon total completion in early October, the new gymnasium is 36,000 square feet of useable space. Included are a basketball court with seating for 1,500 spectators and an adjoining open lobby with availability for three hundred to stand, giving the new gym a capacity for 1,800. Restrooms and concessions are designed to be used during both football and basketball seasons. The south end of the building is a 2,500 square foot cheerleader practice area that can be converted into a hospitality room for tournaments. The gym features a washroom, training room, officials’ lounge, coaches’ offices and six locker rooms.

Building projects certainly are not the only excitement in the district. 2015-2016 set the tone for the future. Both campuses adopted a vision for learning that highlights raising student expectations. Both campuses are making strides in changing the school culture. This school year we have increased our targeted instruction and implemented an array of strategies to raise student achievement. Our hiring of quality teachers, raising teacher pay, improving facilities, and investing in technology represent just a small part in our commitment to raising achievement.

As a district we pledge to continue to search out ways to improve our school. We always welcome interaction with our stakeholders and encourage parents and patrons to contact us. The district makes every effort to inform parents of upcoming events and special recognitions through the school website and through Facebook. Also through each building office, parents are provided access logins to HAC so they can track their students’ progress in each class.

Thanks entrusting your children to us,

Robby Lowe