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We love our students!

Recently, Author David Sargent Jr., visited the students at JC Elementary. In addition to sharing his book writing skills, Sargent brought along some of his canine friends that he writes about.



2014 Kindergarten Graduates!

Mrs. Hatley's 3rd grade students created models of the state of Arkansas to complete their Arkansas History Unit!


Mrs. Hammett's 4th graders having fun drawing the body systems!


Mrs. Lowe's science students measuring each planet's distance from the sun using toilet paper.


Kindergarten students learning about farm animals and making ice cream number patterns!


Kindergarten students had fun making teen number chains and flowers by representing number of tens and ones (place value)!


More Benchmark Fun!!!


BENCHMARK FUN! Testing is a Big "Dill"


Pep Rally Fun! We will ROCK THAT TEST!!!


Mrs. Burroughs' students showing off their awards!!! Great job!!!


Laura Rogers teaches Kindergarten students about bears in Arkansas!


Kindergarten Science Lab - GERMS!


One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Mrs. Prado's, Ms. Brady's and Mrs. Burroughs'kindergarten classes celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday with his book 'One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish'. The students are sorting, graphing and adding with colored goldfish crackers!


Mrs. Hammett's Fourth graders collected pennies for Leukemia in honor of Charles McGaha, the husband of our former principal Mrs. McGaha!  Mrs. Hammett is SO PROUD of her faithful and generous students!



Valentine's Day FUN!


Mrs. Davis' 6th grade students using iPads to research important figures in black history for Black History Month!


Kindergarten students learn about dental care by watching the El Dorado Service League perform their annual "Tilly the Tooth" play.


Kindergarten "Mustache" Math!


Mrs. Lowe's 5th and 6th Grade Science Lab studying Rube Goldberg Machines & Diffusion!


Kindergarten science lab!  Students learning the frog life cycle!


The 100th Day of School!

Mrs. Hammett's 4th graders celebrating the 100th day of school by building tall towers and measuring them using cups! The girls beat the boys! The students jumped for 100 seconds and did several more math activities!  Mrs. Prado's kindergarten students enjoying 100th day activities as well! Mrs. Burroughs' kindergarten students stringing 100 fruit loops on a necklace, counting and gluing their 100 collection on a chart, and celebrating with 100 cookies. Celebrating 100 days is a blast!!!


Mrs. Prado's and Mrs. Burroughs' kindergarten students decomposing numbers using goldfish crackers and then writing an equation to represent their model.  Math is so much FUN!


Mrs. Burroughs' students show off their 9 weeks awards!  Also, her students made animal tracks from play dough after studying how animal tracks are different!


The Littlest Christmas Tree!


The Soldiers' Night Before Christmas was read to some of our elementary students! Students then wrote letters to SSG Corey Hurst. Corey is serving in Korea.  JC ABC class (Macson, Corey's son), Miss Logue's class (Cole, Corey's son), and Mrs. McKinnon's class (Savannah, Corey's niece) participated! These students are proud to salute American soldiers! We are thankful for Corey and all our dear soldiers who serve and are away from their families just so we can keep our precious American freedoms!



Miss Arkansas Amy Crain visits Junction City! She speaks to K-6 students on the problem of bullying.


Mrs. Hammett's students classifying animals using a classroom donation from an Arkansas business through Donors Choose!


Jason Kaufman with State Farm explaining Fire Prevention to 4th graders!


Kindergarten students enjoy Thanksgiving dinner!


Mrs. Lowe's 6th graders making paper mâché models of the Earth and her 5th graders investigating mineral properties!


Mrs. Wilson & Mrs. McKinnon's 2nd graders create totem poles from coffee cans!


Mrs. Hammett's 4th graders built towers using Legos to measure who could build the tallest.



Kindergarten classes took a Field Trip to Papa Simpson's Farm! The students of Mrs. Prado, Mrs. Burroughs, and Ms. Brady had a great time down on the farm!


Mrs. Hammett's Fourth Graders had fun observing different creatures from Terminix. Thanks to Mr. Dennis Perry and Mr. Micky Campbell for bringing spiders, lizards, a snake, geckos, frog, and other creatures for us to learn about.  We even got to pet the snake!


1st grade Field Trip to Papa Simpson's Farm! Ms. Logue & Ms. Allgood's students had a great time learning about farm life!


Kalan Hammett performed a Science Experiment with Mrs. Hammett's fourth graders. They had a lot of fun!!!


Mrs. Hatley's students "reading" a recipe to make dirt cake!


Miss Allgood's First graders using jumbo dice to do addition facts! They had a blast!


Mrs. Hammett's students being little scientists. They made slime and had a blast!!! They used measurement for math and watched the mixing of ingredients change for science.


We love our grandparents!


Mrs. Burroughs' kindergarten students create 2D shapes with toothpicks and mini marshmallows!

Mrs. Burroughs' kindergarten class sorts by different attributes - color, shape, & kind!

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