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We love our students!



Mrs. Harbour's 5th grade science and social studies classes are learning how to read topographic maps! They are reading the map of Bright Angel, Grand Canyon for elevation benchmarks and contour lines.

Mrs. Hammett's second graders classifying animals!


The first phase of the Joint User Agreement Grant is completed. The physical fitness obstacle course is installed on the 4-6 playground. A Huge thank you to Mr. Chris Yeager for installing the equipment. Also, thank you Taylor Mason and Madison Matthews for assembling many of the equipment pieces.

Junction City 6th Grade Gifted & Talented students spent 6 weeks in class studying the unique, historical significance of cemeteries. They learned about wars, epidemics, local history and customs. The study was completed by visiting several local cemeteries with Art in Education artist Lisa Burton-Tarver. Students created photo-collages to document their experience.


Mrs. Hammett's second graders graphing robots using square units.




2016 Science Fair Winners!


Mrs. Hammett's and Mrs. Burrough's students learning Geometry!


Mrs. Hammett's students participate in a Geometry Scavenger Hunt!


Mrs. Hammett's students graph with candy hearts!!! YUM, FUN, AND LOTS TO LEARN!

Ms. Harbour's 5th grade students investigated the rock cycle using Starburst Candies. They smashed them to form sedimentary rock, then transformed into metamorphic then into igneous rock. Not quite 100% accurate, but still a good model!


Mrs. Burroughs' Kindergarten students celebrate 100 days of school!!!


Mrs. Ray's 2nd graders create digital classroom maps!


Mrs. Sims' math students were discovering cohesion and surface tension!



"The Littlest Christmas Tree" performed by Grades 1-3!


Fourth graders used 1 inch by 1 inch cubes to explore the volume of different sizes of boxes.


Fourth graders measured stuffed animals, action figures, Barbie dolls, and other interesting things. They had to discover the measurements of arms, legs, and heights of their item in inches and centimeters and compare measurements to their own arms, legs, and heights. Then, the students designed a bar graph to show the data they had collected.

Arkansas Ag in the Classroom Program sponsored by Arkansas Farm Bureau. K-2nd grade participated in a coloring contest. 3rd-6th grade designed a poster to go with this year's theme: Farming for the Future!


Second graders use iPads and Microsoft Word to complete an animal research project with a typed report for the final project!


Ms. Brady's 6th Grade GT students created and tested their carnival games! They will hold a small carnival for kindergarten after the Thanksgiving break!!!

Mrs. Sims' 4th graders were tailors for the day! They measured around their heads, arms, shoulders, and waist in inches. They were also comparing fractions. Fraction number cubes were rolled to determine the two fractions to compare. Fraction bars were used to assist the students in evaluating their answers.


Ms. Fairris' class - "Despicable" K-1 Building!

Ms. McKinnon's class -
"Despicable" 2-3 Building!

Ms. Sims' class - "No Bones About It" 4-6 Building!


6th graders decorate pumpkins for their homecoming float!


Kindergarten visits Papa Simpson's Farm!


Highlights from Barn Hill Preserve Exotic Animal Presentation!



JC Elementary Visual Arts Booth won 1st place at the Union County Fair!!!


Learning in Kindergarten is so much FUN!

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