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We love our students!

Ms. Brady's 6th Grade GT students created and tested their carnival games! They will hold a small carnival for kindergarten after the Thanksgiving break!!!

Mrs. Sims' 4th graders were tailors for the day! They measured around their heads, arms, shoulders, and waist in inches. They were also comparing fractions. Fraction number cubes were rolled to determine the two fractions to compare. Fraction bars were used to assist the students in evaluating their answers.


Ms. Fairris' class - "Despicable" K-1 Building!

Ms. McKinnon's class -
"Despicable" 2-3 Building!

Ms. Sims' class - "No Bones About It" 4-6 Building!


6th graders decorate pumpkins for their homecoming float!


Kindergarten visits Papa Simpson's Farm!


Highlights from Barn Hill Preserve Exotic Animal Presentation!



JC Elementary Visual Arts Booth won 1st place at the Union County Fair!!!


Learning in Kindergarten is so much FUN!

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