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We love our students!

Mrs. Burroughs' students using technology to learn in the classroom!


2015 Science Fair Winners!



Ms. Thurlkill's and Ms. Barron's 3rd and 4th grade students do a STEM activity!



Ms.Thurlkill's 3rd graders made space figures with marshmallows and toothpicks while some students made models of the layers of the earth using playdough, toothpicks, and file folder labels for flags!

4th and 5th grade Gifted and Talented students researched Leonardo Da Vinci's  inventions, then each built their own prototype of Da Vinci's parachute. After completion students did several test flights from the top of the football stadium bleachers and the announcer's stand at the baseball field.

Kindergarten students explore beginning digraphs!


2015 Digital Fair Winners!



Kindergarten visits Milam Farm to see the Clydesdale horses!



Kindergarten makes 10!



Make & Take Parent Night!



Kindergarten students skip count to 100 by 10's!



Officer Frankie Clouatre visits the Junction City Kindergarten classes!



Mrs. Harbour's 6th grade Science Lab students studying the density of an irregular solid.


The 5th and 6th graders of Mrs. Sims's Math class did activities involving fractions. The activities included making a fraction clothes line. The students were given different fractions and whole numbers and had to place the numbers where they belong on the clothes line.
The other activity involved rolling fraction dice. When the students had rolled two die, they had to add and subtract the fractions. Then, draw a model of the fractions to show how the fractions were added or subtracted.
The students had to explain the strategies they used in both fraction activities to the class.


Mrs. Harbour's 5th and 6th grade science classes were using new Chrome books to research careers in ecosystems. The students then wrote a report summarizing what they discovered and sent their answers to the teacher via email. The Chrome books were bought with grant money through the 21st Century Program!


Mrs. Burroughs' kindergarten class made 'g' glasses and played "I spy" while learning the sound of 'g' and words that begin with the sound of 'g.'


Wendy Sims' sixth grade math students working at stations. The stations included using a number line to plot numbers that have a given absolute value; using a penny and number cube to generate positive and negative two-digit numbers and then find the absolute value of the generated number; arranging cards so they were in order from the number with the least absolute value to the number with the greatest absolute value; arranging cards with expressions or numbers written on them to form pairs of cards that had the same absolute value. Then students reflected on the strategies they used to solve the problems.


Mrs. Burroughs' kindergarten students learning how scientists use their five senses to learn about leaves! Susan Johnson, SAU science specialist, was the instructor for this lesson!

6th grade students dissecting cow hearts!


The Kindergarten classes explored their world by visiting the local cemetery. Students were given the task to find four familiar letters and make rubbings of each letter. Then the letters were sorted into categories.

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